The right outcome is all that matters. We appreciate it when patients tell us the difference our work has made to their lives. Some of their comments can be found below.

"I had always known that I had two hernias, but had always managed to live with them. However, it got to a point that I was starting to experience severe pain with them, so much so that I couldn’t play golf, so I knew that I had to seek medical help.

As a retired consultant physician, I knew the best route for me would be to ask some of my colleagues whose opinions I trusted to see if they could recommend a hernia specialist consultant locally to me in Harborne, Birmingham. Mr Simon Radley was recommended to me and I already knew of him from working as a consultant.

I made arrangements to see him in his outpatient clinic at the Priory Hospital in Edgbaston and he agreed that it was a straightforward case of a bilateral inguinal hernia after examining my abdomen. He carefully explained the various treatment options and I elected to have an operation as a day case under a general anaesthetic. Mr Radley came to see me in my room before my operation and went through all of the details with me again and also to my wife, as did his anaesthetic colleague.

I was sore afterwards, but made a good recovery within the 6-8 weeks that I was advised and I was playing golf again after 7 weeks. I would recommend Mr Radley to others requiring hernia treatment.”

Mr B. Birmingham

Bilateral Inguinal hernias

Oct 2019

"I cannot praise Mr Simon Radley and his secretarial team highly enough. I am by my own admission pathologically afraid of anything medical, so when I knew that the time had come that I had to seek medical help for the epigastric hernia that I was born with, I was absolutely terrified!

My hernia had never caused me too much discomfort, but around two years ago it flared up and became very sore and was starting to protrude. My brother took me to my local A&E Department as I was in so much pain and I was told that it wouldn’t strangulate so I didn’t need urgent attention.
However I knew for myself that I needed to do something about it as it was affecting my quality of life. My passion is gardening and it was affecting my ability to do my gardening work so much that I couldn’t bend over.

I sought recommendations from a neighbour who I knew worked as a medical Consultant. He wholeheartedly recommended Mr Simon Radley at the Birmingham Hernia Clinic.

When I first met with Mr Radley in his outpatient clinic I found him to be delightful.
I knew instantly that I was in very safe hands. He took the time to listen to me and my medical history and concerns, and I didn’t feel under any pressure at all to proceed with any treatment.

He explained in detail what the epigastric hernia was and how he would be able to surgically treat it and what the recovery process would be.

I had my surgery on 3rd January 2019 as a day case at the Priory Hospital I Birmingham under a general anaesthetic. I arrived back home at 8pm the same evening. The general anaesthetic made me feel sick afterwards and I did feel uncomfortable when lying in bed for a night or two. I am pleased to say that a few weeks on from my surgery I have made a full recovery with grateful thanks to the skill and kindness of Mr Radley

I am able to perform heavy gardening tasks, have no pain from the hernia and have a much better quality of life again which I feel is very important.

I felt very reassured by Mr Radley and his medical and secretarial team throughout, and it is with great gratitude that I would wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone else seeking hernia treatment”

Mrs G. Worcestershire

Ventral hernia

March 2019

"I recently underwent a hernia repair at the Birmingham Hernia Clinic at the BMI Priory Hospital, Edgbaston.

The treatment I received from all staff involved was consistently excellent and the incision has healed without any problems. Post operative pain was minimal. Accommodation at the hospital was of a comparable standard and I have no hesitation in recommending this clinic to anyone in need of a similar procedure."

Brett M.


Feb 2019

"I was wonderfully looked after by Mr Suggett and the team during the repair of my massive inguinal hernia. The aftercare was absolutely top class and still is."

Mr Norman Jones



"As a recent patient at the Priory Hospital I have nothing but appreciation for all the helpful members of staff who took care of me.
Always polite, yet friendly and helpful.....even providing the (tongue in cheek) requested smoked salmon for lunch!

On 1st November 2018, Mr. Simon Radley, my surgeon, ever courteous, informative, reassuring and professional, performed an open repair procedure of my inguinal hernia with mesh. Such is his skill that today, in mid-February, and indeed for many weeks now, no scar is visible and there is nothing to suggest that any form of operation has taken place.

Following the successful surgery and leaving with a most informative discharge folder, I later received a letter asking about my progress. I also received a copy of the letter sent to my GP, informing him of the outcome of the operation and of my discharge. Continuity in all matters was excellent.

I would like to thank the Staff, my anaesthetist, and, in particular, Mr Simon Radley, for all that was done.
Without hesitation, I would recommend the Priory Hospital and, in particular, Mr. Radley for all similar procedures.”

Mr G. H. Stourbridge

Inguinal hernia

December 2018

"I had an hernia operation around 10 years ago, following which I then began to develop a bulge on the opposite side of my groin so I was aware that it was another hernia that would eventually need medical attention. I had yearly medicals through my work, and each year I kept being reminded about my other inguinal hernia but I kept putting it off. It was when it started to become more uncomfortable that I knew that I needed to do something about it.

Mr Simon Radley at the Birmingham Hernia Clinic was highly recommended to me by a friend, so I went along to see him in his outpatient clinic at The Priory Hospital.

During my consultation, Mr Radley explained in a nice calm and reassuring manner about the operation for the inguinal hernia, and I decided to go ahead with the procedure. I was a day case patient and he came to see me before my operation and answered some questions that I had.

It is now two months since my operation and I am pleased to be pain free and all back to normal. I’ve had no problems since my operation and would definitely happily recommend Mr Radley to anyone seeking hernia treatment."

Mr J.Mangan.


May 2018

I had been suffering with a one-sided hernia for some time. Over recent months it became progressively worse, and rapidly so.
I sought the advice of my GP with the view of undergoing treatment. As I am privately insured, my GP was able to recommend to me Mr Simon Radley, as well as some other surgeons who practiced locally to where I live at the BMI Droitwich Spa Hospital.
From the list of names that I had been recommended, I researched Mr Radley via the internet and I was reassured by what I read about him on his website.
During my first outpatient consultation with Mr Radley I felt very comfortable talking to him and my mind was very much put at ease. I knew that I had made the right choice and decided that I would follow his advice on my treatment plan for my hernia.There was a slight delay as Mr Radley was thorough and had to wait for the results of an ultrasound scan that had previously been carried out, so had to wait for the results to come via my GP.
Once this had been all sorted, I then liaised with his secretary regarding my date for surgery- which was to be for an open hernia repair, and would be performed at The Priory Hospital in Birmingham. I was scheduled to be a day case patient, however due to my having a reaction to the morphine used, I had very low blood pressure, so stayed in hospital overnight.
On the morning of my operation, Mr Radley saw me on arrival and went through some further questions that I had and put my mind at ease.
Due to my very low blood pressure and unexpected overnight stay in The Priory, he came to see me that evening, as well as the following morning to check that I was recovering satisfactorily and able to be discharged.
Two months after my operation, I am recovering well, am very happy with the treatment that I received with Mr Simon Radley and would happily recommend him to anyone seeking similar treatment.

David Powell


Worcestershire, November 2016.

"I’d had a hernia for about thirty years which had never caused me any pain or problems, but had noticed that over the years it was getting bigger, to the point that it looked enormous.

I am now retired and went to see my GP regarding an ongoing knee problem. The same GP also knew about my hernia, and did warn me that the hernia was going to eventually start to cause me problems and that I should seek treatment to have it repaired.

The GP recommended and referred me privately to Mr Simon Radley at the Priory Hospital. The initial outpatient consultation was very straightforward, and Mr Radley explained to me about the surgery I needed for my inguinal hernia.

I was booked in for surgery at my convenience for early January 2017 and am pleased to say that the whole experience was very seamless, straightforward and uneventful. I was a day case patient, had a general anaesthetic, and was allowed discharged from hospital later that afternoon.

On my return home I had no swelling and the pain was very minimal. I was walking about the following day without any problems and felt totally back to normal after 4-6 weeks.

I have nothing but praise for Mr Radley and the entire process which was very straightforward, and would recommend him to anyone else seeking a hernia operation."

Mr D. P.


Worcestershire, May 2017.

Gradually over the last 7 –8 years I’d been aware of some swelling on the left side of my groin. Being an active senior tennis player of international standard, (I’m aged 60) it was definitely sports related. There was a small lump in my groin, and the more that I played tennis the more enlarged and achy it became.

I knew I needed to seek professional advice so I asked around at the tennis club for some recommendations on who I should see to have it looked into.The name “Mr Simon Radley” came up and as he was based at the Priory Hospital which is only across the road from the tennis club, it was convenient.

When I saw Mr Radley in Outpatients, he explained to me that it was an “Inguinal Tear” which is common in sports professionals, and discussed surgery with me. I work in engineering as well as playing tennis, so it was convenient that I was able to choose my surgery date around my tight schedule especially as Mr Radley advised me that I would need to refrain from tennis for 6-8 weeks, and he would also sign me off from work for 4 weeks.

My recovery has been absolutely outstanding. After 3 weeks of having surgery I was playing tennis again. I did try after 2 weeks but it felt very tight, so I tried the following week and was fine. I had a general anaesthetic and was out of hospital the same day at 6pm, and was able to go out socially that evening as I felt fine. The following day the left side of my groin felt tight and painful, but as I drive an automatic car as I was still able to drive. The inside of my stomach felt stiff for 3 weeks, but I listened to my body and if I did feel any twinges I would rest.

I would highly recommend Mr Radley, especially to other sports players, as my recovery has been amazing. He has a good bedside manner, is an excellent surgeon, and thanks to him I am flying to Italy on Friday to play in an International tournament- which just over 3 months post-operatively is fantastic.

Tony King


Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands May 2017.

I would 100% totally recommend Mr Radley for anyone looking for a hernia operation. He’s very good at his job and a nice man to talk to, I felt very comfortable with him.

I went to see him after I found a lump on my stomach when I was in the shower, which really worried me. I hadn’t noticed it before, but I did sometimes feel like I had pulled a muscle in my stomach, especially as I work for a brewery, so most of my day I am dragging around and lifting very heavy beer barrels.

So, I made an appointment to see my GP asap, and was really relieved when he told me I had an umbilical hernia and I would need to have an operation. As I found a lump I was worried that it was something much more serious. I have insurance with my work, so did some research on the internet, and liked what I read about Mr Simon Radley.

I made an appointment and saw him in the Outpatient department and he agreed with my GP that I would need to have it operated on, and was booked in for 2 weeks’ time at The Priory Hospital. He also told me I would need to have 6 weeks off work.

Mr Radley came to see me in my room before the operation and went over all the details with me again, as he had done 2 weeks before in outpatients. I had a general anaesthetic and went home the same day, I didn’t feel groggy from the anaesthetic, I felt perfect considering I’d just had an operation. He also came to see me before I left the hospital and told me the operation had gone perfectly. The next day my stomach did feel sore, but I felt OK.

I did have a 6 inch scar by my belly button, but now a few months after the operation I can only just about see the scar- Mr Radley did a good job at stitching me up

I took 6 weeks off work, as Mr Radley told me to, and was fine when I went back to work- which is good as I’ve a manual job moving around 20 tonnes of beer every day! I’m also back to riding my bike and everything is now perfect and back to normal. Mr Radley did a great job, thank you.

Simon Mansfield


Oldbury, West Midlands April 2017.